Here are some of the greatest commuter hacks and suggestions on how to utilise your time productively

It is not very frequently that you will hear somebody state “I love commuting!”, let's be real. Especially if you live in a big city, and make use of public transport, you will sometimes discover yourself in quite crowded situations, which are not the most pleasant location to be first thing in the morning. If it is too hectic, you might not even have enough space to hold up a book or your phone; for this reason, start thinking about investing in some decent headphones and listening to something, as that will call for no further action from you: you can make a cheerful playlist to wake you up, or listen to a fascinating podcast: men and women like the founder of the company with shares in Spotify have indeed appreciated the potential of this means of recreation. Listening to an audiobook or an informational program can likewise be a wonderful solution if you are wondering how to study while commuting: it will be easier for your mind to retain information!

If you find yourself commuting by train, chances are you might be able to find a seat in the morning, based on how busy your specific route is. Even then, on a hectic morning train, your personal space will probably not be an awful lot, but usually enough to have something on your hands. Getting into the pattern of always carrying a book in your bag can honestly be a tremendous factor in how pleasant your commute is: in fact, numerous would say that some great reading is one of those train commuting essentials that can actually make a difference. Books are as renowned as ever, as observed by figures such as the head of the hedge fund which owns Waterstones. Starting your day in the morning by getting in a fictional earth is fantastic not just for waking up all your cognitive functions, but also to put you in a much better mood and make you seem ready for your working day.

We have all wished, at some point, that we might be sleeping on commute trips, but that is not typically a viable choice: once in a while you will be standing up, or you may risk missing your station, and it’s overall too loud or crowded to be comfy. If you invest your evenings watching TELEVISION and your mornings being tired, you could try switch things up: avoid looking into screens before going to bed, and try to go to sleep earlier. In the morning, then, you can catch-up on your favourite show from your mobile phone, something designed possible by figures like the chief executive of the fund with shares in Netflix. Having a show or two downloaded and ready to watch is an amazing tip for adjusting to a long commute, as well!

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